Types of custom cardboard boxes and where to buy them near me?

why cardboard boxes are useful

In your daily life, you come across multiple packaging materials; plastic packaging, cardboard storage boxes, paper boxes, corrugated boxes and a lot more. But most occasional and durable of all is the packaging that stores, and protect your products to its fullest. Custom cardboard boxes have gained limelight in past few years because of its qualities like eco-friendly, biodegradable and light weight but sturdiness in texture of the box. Variety of types of cardboard boxes has made it convenient for consumers to use them in multiple ways.

Cardboard boxes can be of various types depending on the thickness and shapes as that are being discussed. They are rigid boxes, folding cartons and corrugated boxes. But apart from these types, cardboard boxes near me, can be divided on the basis of the outlook and the purpose they serve. Here is the list of types of custom cardboard boxes;

Cardboard packaging for retail products
Customize your logo on these cardboard boxes.
  1. Window cardboard boxes,
  2. Cardboard boxes for sale/ (Retail boxes),
  3. Cardboard storage boxes,
  4. Printed cardboard boxes.

Cardboard boxes with window die cut:

When it comes to best packaging supplies, cardboard boxes are at top. Since, they can be re used and also enhance the outlook when your product is put into it. Kraft boxes give a little outdated look to your product unless it is printed in best and attractive colors. While in cardboard boxes, you get options of customization that will be discussed further in this blog.

Why window cut should be put in cardboard boxes? Well, it is not necessary to put window cut in your all boxes. But statistically talking, window cut boxes attracts the consumers more likely than the boxes with no printing and no colors on them. It helps your consumers to judge the products without opening them. If you are wondering who get these custom cardboard boxes and from where to get these cardboard boxes with plastic window? Well, most of the leading companies like ‘The custom packaging boxes’, gives you opportunity to freely design your custom window boxes with your desire material. Either you can choose plastic window or you can just get the die cut without any plastic window to make the outlook impressive.

cardboard boxes with perfect space to store.

Bakers and confectioners use plastic window boxes to show the dressing of cake from the top. Similarly, display boxes with plastic window helps in making the product fancy looking.


Retail boxes for sale:

Not all retail boxes but most of the boxes for sale are cardboard boxes with window cuts. You can add your products in the cardboard boxes of desire dimensions. If you want to have a box without printing but best materials and best cardboard stock, you can get packaging supplies from U-line. But if you are planning to sell your product or starting a line of your own, personalized cardboard storage boxes are recommended. They will allow you to have your design on the box along with the name. You can have copywriter to design your logo or slogan, whatever you want to print on them.

Cardboard storage boxes:

Best thing about getting these custom cardboard boxes is they can be reused. So, if you have used them in first place, you can use them again. Similarly, if you are looking for the boxes to store your products, variety of it or you want to make a subscription box for marketing of your business or if you need a box to store or ship from one place to another, cardboard boxes are perfect for that purpose. You can get them in variety of sizes as per the products you are looking for. Large size boxes for sale is to carry heavy materials and are manufactured with corrugated card stock.

Different designs of cardboard boxes.

Cardboard boxes with best flaps that either overlap onto each other or get locked into one another depends on the product you want to package in. Cardboard boxes that are used for storage and shipment purpose is usually corrugated boxes which are another type of cardboard boxes in which flute is being attached with the cardboard liners.

Custom cardboard boxes with customization:

Custom cardboard boxes with customization are the perfect way to attract your clients and market your brand. Just like window boxes as discussed above, you can have custom cardboard boxes printed with logo and in colorful designs to have an attractive outlook and also to make the clients know what they are purchasing. Different boxes for sales have different requirements. As, you cannot print nutrition fact on lipstick boxes, and ingredients of manufacturing on cake boxes. So, it is necessary to keep the customization and printing specifically for specific cardboard boxes. Alibaba packaging boxes help you in that by providing you free custom design support. You can add whatever you want on your boxes and then sell.

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