3 ways to boost your sale by using custom cardboard boxes

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Recent studies have shown that your sale relies on three factors;

  1. Functional use of the product,
  2. Sensorial aspect of the product,
  3. Lastly, on the factor that how to purchase affect the consumer emotionally.

If all the above-mentioned aspects are clear in your custom cardboard boxes, you are good for boxes for sale. It will see visible growth in the sales of your business. Here are some of the aspects that will be discussed and you will get to know where they will lead you in boosting your sale.

Usefulness of the product:

It is really necessary to keep in mind the purpose of your product. Since custom cardboard boxes can be customized in different sizes and shapes you are good to go for any shape. This leaves on the client for selection of the boxes for sale. Different products perform different functions but all of them has two common purposes and that is the protection of your product and promotion of your brand. It is necessary that your product, that is packaging boxes for sale is functional and serve the purpose to it extend.

Depending on the different function of products and dimension, packaging differs as per the requirement as well. For example, you cannot send your shipment parcels in paper bags as that will not be sturdy enough to withstand the pressure and will break. Alibaba for packaging is the best platform Where to buy cardboard boxes for your products as they provide customization according to the products.

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Cardboard boxes that provide Value:

To get your sales double in the figure, it is necessary to provide custom cardboard boxes that provide value to your product. Different styles of cardboard boxes are being manufactured with different thickness. Thickness starts from 250 gsm to 350 gsm. More thickness can be provided to the cardboard by pasting method. Similar to the thickness, styles also vary from product to product.

Cardboard boxes when printed with the instructions and logo on them also provide valuable information to your clients and they will know where to find you in the hour of need. You can get these custom cardboard boxes printed in different designs and in the information, clients need to hear. Here are some of the best printable that you can get printed on your cardboard boxes.

  • If you are using cardboard boxes for cereal boxes or any food packaging, you can get food labels, nutrition labels and other Label printing on them. This will make the person purchasing food item more aware of what he is buying.
  • If you are starting up a company, you can get your retail packaging boxes in cardboard material and print them with bar codes of your own and other instructions.
  • Instructions can be printed on any boxes for sale as that will help your client to know how to use the product.

What does the buyer feel?

Another aspect that you need to look while purchasing boxes for sale and that is its sensational purpose. What does the box look like? How does it feel like? What else does it include? And that purpose which keeps the buyer interested in your boxes for sale. If the packaging is attractive and impacts the senses of your consumers, you are doing best at your marketing purpose. To make the impact strong, personalization can be done. You can look for U-line if you need standard size cardboard boxes. But for customization in design and in printing, you can get designs from Vista Printing and from Alibaba packaging.

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Apart from printing designs on boxes, you can add plastic cut windows. And die cuts of different shapes. Many printing and packaging companies like Printcosmo provides free die cuts and full design support.

What Emotional purpose your packaging serve:

Well, not all purchases effect emotionally but if the purchase is beautifully packaged and attract the consumer at first glance. It does have an emotional or sensational connection. Most sales elevate when they have some story to sell. So, if you want to elevate your sales with your cardboard boxes, personalize them as per the events. For Christmas, you can choose any theme related to colors. Similarly, for birthdays and other sentiments you can synchronize your boxes for sale with wishes or with color themes. This will make your clients having an emotional sentiment and also make your clients know that they are worthy and are being noticed.

If you are wondering Where to buy cardboard boxes? Well, if you need them personalized, Alibaba is the best option but if you are fine with standard size cardboard boxes just to put your things in for storage, you can look for them in different sizes and shapes at U-Line.


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