Bakery boxes wholesale manufactured with food grade technology, help in making the outlook radiant and inside secure for products.
bakery boxes
Bakery boxes manufacturers make these food packaging with food grade technology and laminations of your choice.  Bakery boxes with plastic window helps in keeping the objects visible from outside and to create an impact.  You can customize them not only in sizes but also in your desire designs.  To make sure the tabs interlock into one another and give strength they are tested with pressure too.
bakery boxes

Bakery Boxes Wholesale

We manufacture bakery boxes wholesale with food grade material. So that your bakery items remain fresh and secure from extra moisture. Read More


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Here if you are looking for the custom bakery boxes for your bakery items or for your cakes and muffins. You are at the right place. Alibaba packaging boxes is the right place if you are looking, where to buy bakery boxes. We provide you with complete guide to select the best wholesale bakery boxes. Not only these but you will also be entertained with the best designs at Alibaba printing and packaging company that have been used frequently by the clients to promote their bakeries and confectionery. Here is what we make sure our customer gets before getting the best bakery boxes wholesale:
  • Custom bakery packaging manufactured with the food packaging material.
  • Our food packaging material is heat resistant
  • Window Bakery boxes are preferable so client can see from outside.
  • Perfect Color combinations.
  • We make sure our bulk bakery boxes are manufacture in a way that is pressure resistant
  • Bakery boxes must be spacious enough to have your product inside it.
Well, if you are looking for the bakery boxes that has all that qualities I have mentioned above, you are at the right place. We at Alibaba printing and packaging company make sure all the points in your check lists goes to appropriate and we print the finish product as per your requirement.

Bakery boxes wholesale:

The world is constantly changing and so is the necessities to handle up with the world. To adapt the changing trends, bakery box design has played role. Since, you are into the business of printed bakery boxes, it is necessary to mention few more types of packaging in which you can package your food and bakery items. These kinds of packaging will result in unique and different outcome and will help in making your creative skills spur. We provide you all types of bakery packaging for all types of your bakery products. It does not matter if you need them for the biscuits or if you need them for the cakes or macarons. We make unique bakery packaging for all type of products in all type of sizes and all type of styles.

Perfectly designed bakery boxes wholesale:

Alibaba packaging provides you with the best folding patterns. Most of the customers are fascinated by the structures of the boxes, while making these old folding patterns alluring with our modern technology, Alibaba packaging ensures your product’s quality remains same. Custom-made bakery boxes are die cut in a way that they interlock the tabs effectively and properly int one another to make your product safe.

Retain Quality of your Bakery products:

Alibaba packaging understands the product requirement from customer’s point of view and hence, provides quality bakery packaging boxes wholesale. Alibaba packaging does not provide you with the standard boxes rather we personalize bakery boxes wholesale as per your requirements and make sure quality is premium for storing your bakery items in them and for that purpose, inks used must be protected with the lamination so that they do not ruin your food quality. Food grade material is used in the production of these custom printed bakery boxes with window. This cardboard helps your packaging in order to absorb extra moisture that can ruin your items. Not only moisture it helps your product remain warm too if required.

Excellence in Printing

We make sure that quality is requisite in both quality of packaging and in printing of packaging. Hence, other than the cardboard quality, we ensure you get quality printing as well. This helps you to make your boxes astonishing and appealing. These Kraft bakery boxes wholesale help your product to be safe and shock free. Best feature of bakery boxes is that these are made from food grade material that is you don’t have to worry about the quality of food inside. No moisture or fungus could harm that.

Full Design support:

With Alibaba packaging, we make your boxes exactly like you desire. These bakery boxes wholesale can be imprinted in your desire design and company’s logo. This helps you advertise your brand along with making them appealing. Different occasions require different bakery packaging therefore, Alibaba packaging provides you with the variety of boxes for all occasion. We provide you with the option of full customization from color selection to the logo designing. All you need is to ask our designer for the best designs’ layout. The art work we provide at our platform is free of cost. You can get them designed from us in whatever way you want them.

Variety in styles and shapes:

It does not matter if you require customized bakery boxes for valentine’s, birthdays or other events, we provide you with the best color combinations for your boxes so that your customers get satisfied. Innovative designer and skillful product engineers are all time ready to facilitate you with their services. Styles and shapes can be manufactured with the requirement of the boxes as the cake requires self-lock boxes and macarons require sleeve boxes with the window. So, for your convenience, we provide all type of styles and sizes.

Advertise through printing them:

This designing helps in marketing point of you. As the only way to market your product is through reaching the masses. And here with the complete information about your bakery or confectionary, they get to know where to contact you.

Finishing options:

Alibaba packaging provides you quality printing with quality services. This is because we believe that quality can’t be substituted by anything. Hence, provides you with the best quality services. To ensure the durability and effectiveness of the bakery boxes wholesale, Alibaba packaging provides you cheap bakery boxes with amazing finishing options. Laminations in Matt and gloss coating. Along with these we also provide you with the Aqueous and UV spot coating. This helps your custom bakery boxes and printing to remain on its place and give the texture to your logos. The matt printing helps you look your logo more appealing while gloss coating helps deter dirt and dust particles to enter and ruin printing. With proper finishing options we also provide you with all necessary bakery packaging supplies wholesale along with unlimited add-ons like golden and silver foiling. Proper separators on demand of prestigious customers. This is because for, Alibaba packaging, Customer care matters more.
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Joanna Wilson

Your packaging is really fine. I must admire the edges and the laminated film you have induced in my bakery boxes. They look amazing. Thankyou.

Lenna Harper

I got my retail boxes. Thank you for printing them on such short notice and delivering them. You have great customer service, I must say.

Billy Kent

Shipment boxes were on time. Great service Alibaba packaging. they were exactly as I asked for. I’m definitely going to order more and this time with new art work.

Margaret Darcy

Impressive work. You have designed the logo marvelously. I’m really amazed. Not only that the color combinations with which you have make the logo popped up is also wonderful. Keep it up. I’m definitely going to make longer terms with your team.