Types and advantages of using custom retail boxes.

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Where to find custom retail boxes that are best and perfect for securing your product also making them shipped to places without getting your product collapsed? It is best to know the types of boxes for packaging so that you can decide which one do you want for your products. Each retail box manufactured in high quality cardboard material and perfect printing on them serves different purpose.  Here you will get to know the best custom retail packaging for your products. Moreover, how can you utilize them in the growth of your business.

Types of Custom boxes:

There are three types of retail packaging which are used in manufacturing most of the custom packaging. It can be your gift wrap boxes, your jewelry boxes or your printed boxes for your business.

  1. Rigid boxes:

Rigid boxes are perfect if you’re going to use them for gift boxes. Major difference between folding cartons and rigid boxes is that these boxes are handmade. That is there are no tabs that interlocked or can be flattened by opening the tabs. They are rigid in structure and quality adhesives are used for manufacturing these custom retail boxes.

You can use these rigid boxes as jewelry boxes or as gift boxes. Since, the finishing is fine. And if you are going to get them customized, you can get them printed in different designs and shapes which can be induced with the partitions as well.

  1. Corrugated boxes:

Corrugated boxes are hard than normal cardboard boxes. They are also referred as shipping boxes because they are amazing to handle pressure. Wondering how?

Well, corrugated boxes are not single layered boxes. Rather they have an extra layer that is zig-zag in shape and helps in handling the pressure from outside when used for shipment purpose. You can add your retail products that are fragile, in it. They can be printed in different colors and can be structured in different ways. To get to know HOW MANY TYPES OF CORRUGATED BOXES ARE THERE and the purpose of these boxes you can give complete guide from our team or you can just read for yourself.

  1. Folding cartons:

Folding cartons are different from shopping bags though they are not as thick as corrugated boxes are but there are different weights and different thickness as per the requirement of product you need to put in them. This custom packaging designs are perfect for your small retail products or for display boxes.  Best thing about these boxes for packaging is that they can be made custom made in different styles. You can always choose the style of your choice, requirements, printing and other details which you desire in your packaging.

Pros of using retail boxes wholesale:

Retail packaging has numerous advantages in your business. Not to forget it requires best quality products. Retail boxes wholesale can be decorated with ribbons and bows to be used as gift wrap, or the printed box can be of great use when it comes to display boxes. All you need to is clear your mind from the purpose these custom boxes will serve and why do you need them.

  • Advertisement of your brand become easy:

With these custom printed boxes, you can get your company name printed or choose your company logo or design to be recognized in the market. Since retail packaging boxes are usually used to put on display, your clients don’t even need to ask about the company or details if you print them with your company details.

For instance, Most of the food and beverage companies have specified their identity with colors they use. So that when you see the same color combination in same ratio, you will be familiar with the product.

  • Gift boxes:

Already explained, that printing attracts, and save time from wrapping with packaging supplies. You can choose the shape of your box, or they can be perfect for subscription boxes as well. As those boxes, help in marketing of your brand simultaneously with the protection of your order ship.

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