How many types of corrugated boxes are there?

corrugated boxes with perfect die cuts and structure.

Talking about corrugated boxes includes complete details for types and on what basis they are being classified. There are numerous types of corrugated boxes they can be divided as the flute used inside or as per the structure of corrugated boxes wholesale. Look for the corrugated boxes manufacturers that provide you packaging with the desired thickness and with perfect shape and size.

Customize your corrugated boxes as per the product. And that is really necessary. Since, most of the corrugated boxes for sale are either required for shipment purpose or to withhold the pressure from the surroundings. So that your product remains safe and secure. Well, for this purpose you not only going to select the type of flute you want to put between the liners. Rather you will be needing the exact measurements to fit in your products. 6 types of corrugated boxes are available in almost all packaging companies.

  1. Regular slotted container (RSC)
  2. Snap-lock bottom (SLB)
  3. Five-panel Folder (FPF)Different sizes and shapes of corrugated boxes are available.
  4. Center support bridge (CSBC)
  5. Full overlap slotted container (FOL)
  6. Half slotted container (HSC)

You can get these packaging supplies from Alibaba packaging boxes or if you are not looking for the printed corrugated boxes, you can look for them at U-line. Since they are perfect in quality and in sturdiness as well.


RSC (Regular slotted container):

The regular slotted container is the most common style of corrugated boxes that are used. The flaps meet in the center and can be taped or stapled. They are usually used for shipping purpose. To make the product secure and perfectly wrapped these boxes are highly in demand and used in the market. The easily available are these regular slotted containers. You can use them not only for the purpose of shipment rather other ways also. They can be utilized in an effective way like storing your accessorize and making it a gift box if you like. You can get this wholesale packaging printed as well. So, if you need them for your professional use, feel free to get them printed from Alibaba packaging boxes. Or you can also look for a variety of designs in economical price at Printcosmo printing and packaging company.

Snap-lock bottom corrugated boxes:

Snap-lock bottom boxes also referred to as SLB are structured in the same previous pattern except for one thing that is the bottom. Unlike regular slotted corrugated boxes, these boxes for sale are the same as the above but the bottom of the box is snap and is die cut that interlock into one another to give grip. These corrugated boxes wholesale is best for lightweight objects. So, if you are going to put heavy objects FOL is recommended.

Shipment boxes to secure your products.
Corrugated mailer boxes

Five-panel folders:

Five-panel folders are scored and slotted in such a way that its fifth panel used as the closing flap at the packing line box has no manufacturer’s joint. These corrugated boxes wholesale is usually used for longer flat products.  Full overlap flaps provide strength to the flap areas. These printed corrugated boxes provide perfect puncture resistance and strengthening when layered flat.

Center support bridge:

Just like inserts added to the boxes, center support bridge is corrugated boxes with the insert that not only provides a separate compartment but also allows your products to have a firm grip. They are more spacious as you can fit in products in them in a more organized way. You can get them full overlap slotted containers without inserts as well. This center support bridge is basically the same closure as RSC and other corrugated boxes near me except for the best insert place.

Full overlap slotted container:

Slotted with full flaps these Full overlap slotted containers are perfect for heavy objects as the flaps reach the opposite side of the length panels and provide superior strength to the flap areas. These packaging boxes are perfect for rough handling when laying flat on the largest panel the flaps provide excellent stacking strength.

Half slotted container:

Half slotted containers are also referred to as Pop shipper display. This is because there is a window cut in any panel that provides excellent visual access to the product inside at point of purchase. Variations can provide a self-shipper display for counter or for pallet-oriented distribution of consumer good suitable for display of products at club warehouse and mass merchandisers.

How much weight can a corrugated box hold?

From 20lbs to onwards depending on the size and shape of the corrugated boxes. You can get these corrugated boxes in various sizes and shapes from Alibaba packaging boxes. Even small quantity of 100 boxes is available as well.

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