5 Types of Custom label printing and its benefits for your product success.

food label printing

Custom label printing has various types and they play a vital role in the success and benefits of your company. Starting from the branding and promotion, they can be printed in perfect colors and medium for the impact on clients. Here are 5 types of custom printed labels that are used in different industries and have a great influence on the consumer. Not only influence but also help in gaining the proper knowledge of the products.

  1. Bar code labels
  2. Food labels/ Nutrition labels
  3. Cosmetic labels
  4. Shampoo labels/soap labels
  5. Medicine labels

Here are what these product labels are and what benefits they provide you with their printing.

Bar code labels:

You must have seen bar codes on all products. These tiny stickers that are pasted on the top, bottom or at the back of the product in black lines are called bar code labels and found on every product in the departmental store. These product labels are posted there with the details. And all you have to do is just to scan that bar code and you will get the information of the product secured in that bar code on your electrical device. So, to keep a record of the product’s prices and codes updated and at one place. These bar code labels are perfect.


Bar code labels provide you with complete information encoded in one place. Plus, they can be manufactured in different cardstock material which means that product label printing can be done on the vinyl sheet or on the paper stock. Depending on the use of these labels sometimes the paper medium is used for printing.

custom label printing

Food/ Nutrition labels:

When it comes to food label printing not only cardstock is kept in mind. In fact, there is a certain set of instruction that has to be followed to get approved by the FDA. Keeping in mind the type of food you need labels for, some of the characteristics are common. Like, you have to print tags for people who are allergic to anything used in your food. For example, most of the companies put the label of gluten-free, whole grain or other such labels that indicate one special ingredient in them. Similarly, you can get these labels with the consumption charts so that people who are diet conscious can look for the proper calorie intake they are taking by consumption of your product.

These food labels are usually printed on the packaging boxes, but if not, you can get your custom printed labels from Alibaba for packaging as they provide you with the best quality inks to stay on the paper for a longer time and also variety in the medium of stock.

Cosmetic labels:

Different cosmetic products require different cosmetic labels. So, for that purpose, you need expert advice. Alibaba for packaging has a graphic designer panel who guide you through all the lines that are required for packaging. Apart from that if you have no custom boxes for your products, you can get the stickers made and then pasted on your standard size cardboard boxes as well. Cosmetic labels are printed with the bar codes and with the instructions as well. You can get them printed in different colors and perk is that they can be printed with the manufacturing materials as well.


The best thing about custom labels for cosmetic boxes is that your clients know what to trust. As,the more convenient you make things for your consumers the more they will like you. So, to get custom printed labels for your cosmetic boxes, you can mention details of ‘how to use’ or manufacturing ingredients.

Shampoo labels:

Shampoo or soap labels are usually followed by bar codes but similar to the cosmetic labels. So,  you can get them printed with the instructions and also with the things that are being added in the manufacturing of shampoo. Another best thing about choosing Alibaba for packaging is that they are coated with gloss or matte material that is best for making them not only shiny but also waterproof.


Shampoo/soap labels printed with the logo design on it creates your identity and if they are followed by bar code, you can secure the detail like price, manufacturing and all that info at one place.

custom printed labels


Medicine labels:

It is necessary to have medicine labels printed with keen observation of colors and fonts. Since, this product label printed is different from food label printing, you cannot add calories or any diet-related thing. All you can do is to add ingredients and precautionary measures. Just like food labels, medicine labels have some rules and regulations to follow as well.


To get these custom printing labels on medicine, you allow your consumers to get instructions. Also, you allow your clients to get the information required, regarding ingredients and manufacturing and expiry date.

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