Custom shoe boxes in cardboard and in corrugation, both are available at Alibaba packaging boxes. You can get them customized.
shoe boxes
Shoe boxes in single piece and in two pieces manufactured with corrugated stock are available for the convenience of clients. Shoe boxes need to be available in the proper sizes so that your shoes do not get damaged. We make sure you get proper sizes. Shoe boxes will help you protect your shoes with the inserts in them. You can get these shoes boxes customized your choice. Get your shoes customized in the color of your choice and in the design of your company desire for promotion sake.
shoe boxes

Custom Shoe Boxes

Custom shoe boxes  are available in one piece and in two pieces. You can get these boxes printed. Read More


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Wholesale Shoe Boxes

If you are looking for shoe boxes wholesale that actually has quality, printing and less investment. And You are browsing the internet to get all these things at one place. Well, Alibaba packaging is the right place for you than. Here are some of the basics that you need to look when selecting the best shoe box packaging for your shoes. If your have not made up your mind in selecting the best shoe boxes for your shoes, look for the qualities and characteristics provided by us so that you can totally related to the best option you can have for your wholesale shoe boxes. All the packaging boxes provided by Alibaba printing and packaging boxes has one basic common characteristic. And that is security of your boxes.

How to get best shoes box?

Here are some of the features that Alibaba packaging provides to their customer along with the best quality packaging boxes, all you have to do is to check the list after looking at your product:
  1. If the quality of cardboard used in the manufacturing of shoe boxes wholesale is sturdy enough? Does that give proper grip to your shoes?
  2. Look if the die cut tabs of cardboard shoe boxes wholesale are cut properly with neat edges and interlock into one another perfectly.
  3. Alibaba packaging provides you with the variety in sizes and shapes. Along with that they provide you complete authority to choose the design on your own. You have to look for the proper size because if the size is large it will make your shoe collide with the cardboard and does not give proper grip.
  4. After determining the quality, next thing comes that is printing.
  5. Make sure your printing does not cast off easily.

Variety of sizes:

Various sizes and shapes can be determined. It depends on the shoe size and shoe texture that what type of printed shoe boxes you need for them. Corrugated and cardboard both types of boxes are manufactured by Alibaba printing company. All you have to do is to look for the quality of your shoe and the type you want for your shoes. IF you need them to be shipped or you feel if they have large sole and they need more support, look for the corrugated boxes. But if that is not the case, you can look for the sizes and the grams per square for your other cheap shoe boxes.

Two-piece shoe boxes:

You can look for yourself the difference between two piece and one-piece custom shoe boxes wholesale. So, this is another aspect that you should look for. Alibaba understands the need of their clients and hence provides you diverse range not in the quality of these boxes but also in the styles of these boxes. We here, produces two types of cheap shoe boxes bulk. Both boxes with the lid on the box or with the lid attached to the box, contributes towards the style of your custom box for shoes. You can get them in whatever style you want. Most preferably one lid custom packaging is best for your shoes. And this is because it is easy to assemble plus yes, it is even convenient for your customers as well. Handmade sleeve boxes are also in the market that gives a very graceful look to your boxes and make sure your boxes quality is really good for securing your shoe box in it.

Important for your business:

First and foremost, important is your business terms. That actually suggests that if you are wholesale dealer of customized shoe boxes or if you are into the business of shoe selling of different kinds, what makes your shoe selling ratio elevates? Here are some of the ways that will help you in your business.

Advertise through custom boxes with logo.

Personalized shoe boxes with logo design are best way to advertise and to market your shoes. You might have seen that most of the brands got acknowledgement from the logos they got. We at Alibaba packaging company understand the reason that these clear shoe boxes not only protect your shoes but also make sure that your company name is well recognized through printing of your logo on them. You can get you logo labels printed along with some sort of written instructions.

Make the custom cardboard boxes able to be shipped:

When it comes to sturdiness and quality, you have to be really vigilant as you have to look at two major steps for your custom-made shoe boxes. Firstly, your shoe boxes must be of good quality that will in protecting your shoe and should be capable of bearing the weight of your shoes. As some shoes have heavy sole and some have light. Depending on the shape and type or your shoe you have to select the packaging. Secondly, you have to make sure that these custom shoe storage boxes are capable of being shipped. When it comes to shipment most of the things are assembled and put in piles. So, Alibaba packaging company customized your wholesale shoe boxes with good quality so you don’t have to take tension for the transportation of your custom boxes. You can rely on us for the best interlocking of boxes as they have properly interlocked tabs.

Make them perfect with printing.

Alibaba packaging boxes believes that custom boxes with logo are really helpful in marketing of your product, here are some of the things that you have to keep in mind as well once it is properly printed. These include perfect printing and then protection of printing through lamination. You have to make sure the printing does not cast off and get impression on your shoes. So, for that purpose, we laminate these wholesale shoe boxes with the lamination of different kind. We provide lamination in gloss and matte material. Along with that we also work with aqueous and UV spot finishing so that you get your printing secured by us.
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Joanna Wilson

Your packaging is really fine. I must admire the edges and the laminated film you have induced in my bakery boxes. They look amazing. Thankyou.

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I got my retail boxes. Thank you for printing them on such short notice and delivering them. You have great customer service, I must say.

Billy Kent

Shipment boxes were on time. Great service Alibaba packaging. they were exactly as I asked for. I’m definitely going to order more and this time with new art work.

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Impressive work. You have designed the logo marvelously. I’m really amazed. Not only that the color combinations with which you have make the logo popped up is also wonderful. Keep it up. I’m definitely going to make longer terms with your team.